About Passages Malibu


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Founded in 2001, Passages Malibu is an alternative solution to 12-step programs and other similar drug rehab approaches. After conventional treatments failed to help Pax Prentiss overcome his many addictions in the slightest, he and his father, Chris, began to research holistic therapies instead. This decision is what enabled Pax to fully recover from multiple addictions and eventually partner with his father to establish Passages Malibu – a luxury drug rehabilitation center that’s based on the same holistic treatments that worked for him.


Passages Addiction Rehabilitation


We believe that having an addiction is not the same as having a disease, and this progressive philosophy is what separates our holistic treatments from the rest. Instead of labeling or negatively stereotyping you as an “addict”, we believe that other underlying causes are responsible for driving a person to abuse substances and form an addiction. These causes must first be properly addressed for the behavior to ultimately stop. With 15 years of experience, Passages Malibu knows how to make this happen.


Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation  


At Passages Malibu, you will never be subjected to degrading group therapies as you recover from your alcohol addiction. Upon admission, a total of 10 therapists will be assigned to help you detoxify and better understand the reasons behind your addiction. This way, a customized treatment program can help put a fresh perspective on your addiction – and how to overcome it for good.


Drug Addiction Rehabilitation


Substance abuse comes in many different forms, but no matter what type of an addiction you have developed, the end-goal at Passages Malibu is always the same: to actively involve you in your own recovery by helping you rediscover the many aspects of your fantastic life. Our holistic solutions are safe, effective and will retrain your thoughts and behaviors away from constantly craving instant gratification.


Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Programs


Prescription drugs can be addictive by design, and some prescription drug users can develop an addiction even while taking a drug exactly as prescribed. Whether you had an official prescription or not, we’ll never judge your addiction at Passages Malibu – only resolve it. Our one-on-one holistic therapies and relaxing environments promote detoxification while also providing you with the skills necessary to end your addiction for good.


Passages Malibu is Ready for You


Addiction can be unrelenting, but Passages Malibu offers an easier way of life. Call now at (888) 546-4821 to find out if your insurance will cover our treatments, or to learn about our financing options so that you can get the help you need today.