Acupuncture Therapy

The basic principle of our revolutionary addiction treatment philosophy is that not only your mind and spirit should be cured, but your body, as well. It goes without saying that harmful chemicals can remain in your body as a result of alcohol and/or drug abuse. Therefore, it’s essential to eliminate all harmful toxins in your fatty tissue and muscles. This is the only way to ensure that your recovery process is both complete and successful.

Our alcohol and drug treatment experts have a proven track record of successful and effective elimination of all addiction-related toxins stored in your body. One of the ways to achieve this is through our acupuncture therapy. You are free to combine it with other holistic treatment techniques, such as yoga, massage, or tai chi, in order to maximize its effectiveness.

Addiction Treatment and Acupuncture Therapy

Our acupuncture sessions will contribute to the optimal circulation of your organs, balance of positive energy levels, stimulate relaxation, relieve tension, and most importantly, eliminate stored toxins.

Thanks to our acupuncture, massage, and/or acupressure treatments, you will be in a position to clean your body from all impurities and harmful elements left behind after years of alcohol and/or drug abuse.

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