Adventure Therapy

When it comes to holistic and non-12 step alcohol and/or drug addiction treatments, we’re the unrivaled luxury rehab center. Our flawless reputation has been built on highly individualized approaches and an abundance of available addiction treatment methods that allowed us to clearly stand apart from other rehab facilities.


Our unique offer includes a profound selection of the most advanced therapeutic forms, such is the Adventure Therapy.


Achieving Advanced Addiction Treatment with Adventure Therapy


Adventure Therapy includes beneficial and encouraging activities that can lift your spirits high. This is a great way to significantly improve both your self-esteem and self-confidence. In addition, you can improve your leadership skills, take part in a team building, overcome fears and depression, and achieve many other positive things. When combined with our Yoga and Physical Training programs, Adventure Therapy can tremendously contribute to your addiction therapy in a positive way.


The more you get exposed to exciting and challenging outdoor activities, which are perfectly suited to your personal preferences and current health condition, the quicker you’ll be able to achieve the desirable rehab goals. There are so many adventure activities to choose from, including the following: biking, tennis, hiking, kayaking, walking, various team sports, and many others.


It’s about time to experience a completely new level of luxury adventure therapy, by calling our number (888) 546-4821. Your biggest and most important life adventure begins right now!