Art Therapy

When it comes to alcohol and/or drug addiction treatment, we use various traditional therapy methods, such as hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and chemical dependency counseling. Nevertheless, our holistic and comprehensive approach allow us to apply non-conventional, cutting-edge, and innovative healing methods, such as spiritual counseling, equine assisted therapy, meditation, yoga, and art therapy, as well.

Addiction Treatment and Art Therapy

Our life purpose counselors treat the art therapy as an invaluable addiction treatment method that can help you better express your emotions, needs, desires, dreams, and hopes. Very often, we fail to express our emotions verbally. This is a situation when the art therapy can come in handy. Being able to express yourself in creative ways can be extremely beneficial for the overall success of your recovery process.

As such, our art therapy includes more than one artistic medium, such as painting, drawing, collages, watercolors, and many others. Undoubtedly, one of the most popular tools used by our patients is the vision board. This art therapy tool includes a collage of pictures, images, words, clippings, and similar, that is supposed to help you express all of your hopes, goals, and dreams. In plain English, a vision board is a simple and an effective way to manifest all of your inner desires in the real world. When you put your dreams and goals on a page, you get inspired with the help of promising and positive perspectives of an addiction-free life. First, you need to believe, before you can achieve your rehab goals.
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