Continuing Care

We strongly recommend all of our patients to meet with our Continuing Care Coordinators in order to discuss all things associated with their new addiction-free life. You definitely need to expand your experience and strengthen your motivation, once you go through our personalized rehab process.

Whatever you need, we will provide. For instance, a sober coach and an addiction-free environment may be among your priorities. In addition, you may want to enroll in the top-class gym. We will take care of all of your needs. In case, you need to continue with a specific therapy, we will be happy to recommend a reliable and an experienced therapist, who will wait for you to return home. We will make sure that all of our recommendations are able to meet your personal expectations and demands in the best possible way.

Your complete recovery is our top priority. That’s why we have to make sure that your new healthy habits will stick to you once you leave our luxury rehab center. You need to come up with the realistic and detailed aftercare plan in order to enjoy your new addiction-free life. Our personalized continuing care program will include all details you may need, such as support, resources, coaching, and similar.

Preparing you for a new life after rehab

We will create a special continuing care program with all personalized details required for a healthy and productive life with no alcohol and/or drug addiction. We are totally committed to your complete recovery and successful return to your new healthy life. Our list of professionals ready to assist you in applying your continuing care program is both impressive and reliable.

Your final one-on-one session with your personal Continuing Care Coordinator will be an excellent opportunity to closely evaluate and confirm all recommendations, notes, goals, and other details of your individual care packet. We will also provide you with all useful addresses, appointments, and other contact information necessary to ensure the complete success of your addiction treatment.