Heroin addiction in children

Heroin seems to be a favorite amongst youngsters who are addicted to illegal drugs in the USA. Though heroin addiction peaked amongst teenagers in the 90’s, it has seen a steady decline in popularity since then. You would never imagine that your kid would every get into this sort of company, now would you? But it is possible, and you need to be very vigilant!

Unlike other drugs that depend on multiple uses to become addictive, heroin has the potential to make someone addicted even after the first time of using it. Because children are unaware of the severity of heroin action on their bodies and the consequences of substance abuse and addiction, children and teenagers consider themselves above the law. Believing themselves invincible is perhaps the worst mistake they can make because if they give into a hard drug like heroine one, it can become tough to bring them back from it.

If a parent is even remotely aware of how their child generally behaves and what signs of addiction look like, then for even a less socially aware parent finding out that the child might be addicted can be very easy. Behavior such as hygiene regime and appearance such as changes in the color of your face etc. can all become blatant indicators that something is wrong.

Heroin slows the body down and makes you sleepy. It slows down your breathing as well. So for a child or a teenager, a rapid change in the breathing pattern will indicate that something is severely wrong. These are just a few subtle signs of heroin addiction. Significant behavioral changes such as losing interest in things that they always loved to is another great example of signs of heroin abuse in teen.

It is possible for this addiction to start off as a regular injury and dependence on prescribed opioid painkillers to alleviate the pain. In case the pain does not go away or if the child/adult who has been prescribed the painkillers chooses to use a larger amount than that is prescribed, it can become the start of a long journey of addiction. This self-medication attempt can be due to the despair of having had an injury that required such painkillers in the first place, or perhaps the chronic aspect of the pain they feel. Stress, anxiety, and any other psychological issues could also prompt some to attempt to alleviate themselves of these issues by trying out hard drug such as heroin.

For kids especially, prescription opioids are prescribed for far too long. This long course of painkillers can end up causing an addiction without them even knowing that they have become addicted. Wat starts off as an addiction to prescription opioids can end up becoming a full-fledged hardcore addiction to heroin.

The risk of overdose regarding heroin is particularly high among young children who have no idea what they are doing. Since heroin can be gummed, sniffed or injected, it is particularly easy to overdose at any given point in time by even more experienced addicts. An interesting fact is that overdoses are a risk for people trying to quit, simply because when they try to quit and are triggered to go back to the drug they were addicted to, their body is not used to the drug anymore and can easily overdose.

The heroine is by far one of the scariest and dangerous drugs on the market today. It is recommended that parents keep a close eye on their children and any behavioral changes they may be able to perceive in them. It is good to talk to your children about drug addiction so that they are well informed about the consequences before they end up trying anything that could be very dangerous for the.

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