Passages Malibu Treatment Methods & Modalities



When treating an addiction, Passages Malibu always stresses the importance of one-on-one therapy over large and intimidating group sessions. Unlike 12-step programs, at Passages you will receive the individual, personalized attention you need from a team of holistic experts who care. This warm group of well-versed professionals will collaborate with you and with each other to form a customized treatment program that takes your personal journey into account for a total success.

Passages Malibu combines a total of 19 different holistic approaches, each designed to help overcome the physical and psychological consequences of addiction in their own special way. They are:

Passages Malibu: A Varied and Fulfilling Journey


At Passages Malibu, no two days of treatment will ever be alike. For example, you may find yourself hiking and meditating with your life purpose counselor one day, addressing and resolving key causes of your addiction with your psychotherapist the next, and educating yourself on the physiological risks of addiction with your chemical dependency counselor the third. This unique approach will keep you constantly engaged, pleasantly challenged, and completely free from any unhealthy routines.


If you are ready for a treatment plan that is based around your personality and positively pushes you where you need to go, then our luxury rehabilitation center is ready to welcome you. Call our friendly and helpful Passages Malibu coordinators at (888) 546-4821 to remember how good taking control can feel.