Marriage and Family Therapy

Personal relationships we’ve established with our family members and loved ones are the most important and fulfilling, but also the most challenging and complex ones. Very often, the source of your addiction problems is associated with these relationships.

When a person begins experiencing addiction problems, then this situation puts an extra weight on loved ones and family members who suffer immensely. Your personal marriage/family therapy will make sure that your one-on-one sessions clearly identify and eliminate all the heavy burden of your emotional and family life. It’s a well-known fact that dysfunctional and troubling relationships you experienced in your childhood with some of your family members can influence your life in a negative way. Unfortunately, if not addressed properly and on time these problems can escalate into an addiction. The very purpose of our marriage and family therapy is to improve your chances for the full recovery by restoring the positive and harmonic personal relationships.

Once the marriage and family therapy begins working for your addiction problems, you will find an additional strength to continue with your fight. In addition, you can further increase its efficiency by combining it with Chemical Dependency Counseling and/or Psychotherapy, when you feel ready for it or when your therapist suggests you to do so. Our addiction treatment includes marriage and family therapy sessions at least twice a week during your stay.
Addiction and Interpersonal Relationships

As soon as you identify the root of the addiction problems you’re struggling with, your spouse, loved ones, or family members can be invited to participate in the marriage and family therapy. These special family sessions will allow you to overcome the communication barriers between you and people who care about you and your well-being.

Your journey to a complete recovery begins with a phone call. Reach us at (888) 546-4821 and we will heal all broken personal relationships that matter to you – together.