Outdoor Therapy Activities & Addiction Recovery

In addition to our yoga and physically training therapy, outdoor activities represent an efficient way to fight alcohol and/or drug addiction. Among many finest outdoor therapy activities reserved for our patients, the ropes course is one of the most popular in our luxury rehab center. The great thing about this therapeutic outdoor activity is that you can focus on positive achievements while experiencing a great personal satisfaction in being able to confront your personal anxieties and fears. Some of the benefits associated with ropes course include the following: improved self-confidence, positive risk taking attitude, improved leadership skills, expanding comfort zones, overcoming your fears, and an overall personal improvement.

This course is being developed and guided by our top-class ropes course experts. This also means that the state-of-the-art safety equipment will be used all the time.

Ropes Course Therapy and Addiction Treatment

Rest assured that our substance abuse treatment team is working around the clock when it comes to constant improvements of cutting-edge methods we offer to our patients based on a private one-on-one session’s principle. We will knock you off your feet with the quality and effectiveness of our available programs. Our impressive list includes more than two-dozen personalized addiction treatment methods you can choose from. The special place is reserved for outdoor activities, such as ropes course or organized hikes. All of our outdoor activities are fun and safe. This is an excellent way to get additional inspiration and strength in order to successfully complete your addiction program.

It’s about time to change your old life of unhealthy habits. Call us at (888) 546-4821 and see how it works first-hand.