Passages Venice


In 2015, Passages Venice became our first luxury drug rehabilitation center to offer holistic outpatient treatment options. This landmark achievement allows us to utilize a full range of recovery methods without requiring any extended stays. By admitting yourself into Passages Venice, you can receive the help you need without having to leave pressing social and professional engagements. It is also the perfect reinforcement for those who are simultaneously recovering in our sober living facilities.


What is Outpatient Treatment Like at Passages Venice?


passages-venice-interior-2At its core, Passages Venice operates on the same positive guidelines that made our inpatient treatments so successful. Upon admission, a team of nine addiction experts ranging from family therapists to chemical dependence counselors will be assigned to monitor your progress and continuously provide support.


From the first time you check in until your very last session, you will be carefully tended to as you recover. We offer plenty of one-one-one therapy encounters that are custom-tailored to get to the bottom of your addiction once and for all. Afterwards, a Continuing Care Specialist who cares will offer additional compassionate treatment well after your outpatient sessions have ended.


Ready for the Best Outpatient Treatment at Passages Venice?


With Passages Venice, you no longer have to put other important obligations on hold as you seek the treatments you need. Let our team work with you at a pace that matches your daily lifestyle to get you healthy again. When you are ready to live sober and become more successful, we’ll be ready to answer your call at (888) 546-4821.