Passages Ventura


In 2009, Chris and Pax Prentiss established Passages Ventura, one of California’s most luxurious inpatient drug rehabilitation centers. By continuing the same compassionate holistic methods as before, Passages Ventura quickly earned the Gold Seal of Approval by the Joint Commission of Healthcare Organizations for showing the “highest level of care for the people they serve”. This award has only been given to 6% of rehabilitation facilitations in the country, and it’s only one of the many reasons to seek a full recovery at Passages Ventura.

The Passages Ventura Approach

Passages Ventura is a slightly smaller operation than Passages Malibu, but it’s sure to include the highest levels of individualized therapy sessions and holistic care that the industry has to offer. A team of nurses, therapists (and hypnotherapists), counselors, and other addiction experts will work in conjunction to formulate a customized holistic approach based on your individual needs. There are roughly 2.5 staff members to every client at Passages Ventura, and you can expect up to 36 hours of one-one-one therapy each and every month.

At Passages Ventura, we believe that addiction is a completely treatable condition, and should never be considered a disease. Whether your addiction stems from a chemical imbalance, unreconciled events, poor coping mechanisms, or unfounded personal beliefs, our team of licensed professionals have the experience and compassion necessary to repair all of the damage your addiction has caused to you and your relationships. Best of all, you will never be judged harshly, and you are free to contact friends and family as you receive all of the tools and the confidence you need to permanently rid yourself of addiction.

Eye-Opening Amenities  

Our progressive philosophies aside, luxurious amenities await at Passages Ventura. Our full-sized gym (with your very own personal trainer), yoga lessons, volleyball beach, basketball court, boat docks, and well-manicured walkways will keep you in terrific shape as you retrain yourself to develop and enjoy new healthy habits.

We’re Ready to Provide the Help You Need

If you or a loved one are unable to beat addiction by yourselves, there is no need to feel ashamed. This is one of the toughest battles imaginable, and Passages Ventura has the resources you need to help. Speak with our admissions coordinators at (888) 546-4821to hear how we can simultaneously end your addiction and give you a powerful new perspective.