The starting point for our addiction treatment philosophy is that addiction problems are associated with underlying and unresolved problems. This is something uniformed 12-step programs fail to address properly. They treat alcohol and/or drug abuse as the primary issue. On the contrary, we believe that in order to end a vicious circle of addiction, you need to dig a little bit deeper. We try to ask the right questions. What are the reasons that made you try to solve your problems with an addiction? This is the moment where our individualized psychotherapy plays its critical role. We often combine psychotherapy sessions with other forms of our addiction treatment, such as chemical dependency counseling and marriage/family therapy, in order to maximize its effectiveness. These sessions will show you how to resolve and heal all traumatic feelings associated with your addiction problems.

All of our psychotherapy sessions include the personalized one-on-one work with our top psychologists. This is the best way to decipher all underlying reasons behind your addiction problem. As soon as you learn how to deal effectively with your anxiety, depression, insecurity, low self-esteem, relationship problems, and other negative feelings, you will be able to eliminate the main triggers for your substance abuse.

Personalized Psychotherapy and Underlying Causes of Alcohol/Drug Addiction

As soon as you arrive at our luxury rehab center a personal clinical psychologist will be assigned to you. This also means that private one-on-one sessions will be held during your entire stay. Our highly individualized approach will help you avoid all mistakes and ineffectiveness of group therapies. The only way for a therapist to determine the causes of your addiction is to be engaged in private sessions. One-on-one approach is the best guarantee that all unique circumstances of your individual case will be thoroughly and properly analyzed. Together, we will identify and then heal all dysfunctional behavior patterns that are preventing you from getting back to your addiction-free life.

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