Sound Therapy

Our holistic approach is what set us apart from other rehab facilities in healing addiction problems. This means that we treat your spirit, body, and mind as a whole. When it comes to our non-traditional and cutting-edge addiction treatment methods, we are constantly improving and expanding our offer. In addition, we combine the best elements of Eastern and Western philosophies, in order to come up with the most effective treatment approach for our patients.

As a result of our continuous efforts in this field, we have included the Sound Therapy as a part of our personalized addiction treatment approach. The great thing about our Sound Therapy is an opportunity to use it in numerous and most suitable ways, such as a gentle gong sound you can hear on yoga sessions, or a singing bowl that is a relaxing and common sound in our meditation center. All sounds you will hear during your private sessions aim to relax and ease your body, mind, and soul.

Addiction Treatment and Sound Therapy

This addiction treatment method can influence your healing process at the cellular level. Meaning, your sound therapy will use vibrations to affect your body’s cellular resonance, in order to heal trauma, anxiety, and depression at the cellular level. Sound therapy can be successfully combined with acupuncture sessions and massage therapy, with an aim of improving its overall efficiency.

Our in-house sound therapists and spiritual counselors will use various instruments to trigger positive emotions, such as didgeridoos, quartz crystal singing bowls, buffalo drums, Native American flutes, and their own voices. If you want to enjoy your new and addiction-free life, then you have to make sure that you will be sober by connecting to your spirit, heart, and soul. Sound Therapy is the best way to establish and maintain this connection.

If you want to try our Sound Therapy and other holistic addiction treatment methods, call this number right now (888) 546-4821.