Spiritual Counseling

Our holistic addiction treatment program pays a great deal of attention to the individualized spiritual counseling. The overwhelming majority of 12-step oriented rehab centers puts a strong emphasis on Christianity and a religion-based spiritual counseling. When it comes to our clients, they’re free to explore and apply all forms of spiritual beliefs and faiths that can help and suit them the best.


The very purpose of spiritual counseling applied as a part of our addiction treatment program is to teach you how to increase your self-esteem and understand your core essence. As such, spiritual counseling represents one of many addiction treatment techniques we apply in our luxury rehab center with an aim to provide you with an inspirational and encouraging support to fight your addiction problems.


We have structured our spiritual counseling techniques to take a little bit of both ancient wisdom and new thought principles. In addition, our spiritual counselors will do their very best to recover your ability to love and respect yourself. The ultimate goal is to surround you with an unconditional love and prepare you to share it, once you restore your positive energy levels.


Our spiritual therapists don’t associate their activities with religious aspects, unless you insist and approve them to do so. On the other side, you can rest assured that all of your spiritual therapy sessions will be private based on one-on-one principle. When combined with a Life Purpose Counseling, Sound Therapy, and/or Art Therapy, our Spiritual Counseling can contribute a lot to your complete recovery.


Spiritual Therapy Benefits and Advantages


Our spiritual counseling transformation toolkit comes with the following elements you can strongly benefit from: perception-checking, breath work, affirmations, positive self-talk, exploration of the loving essence, compassionate self-forgiveness, heart-centered listening, visualization, and mindful meditation.


Our five-star spiritual counseling includes the 6A’s of wholeness: Action, Awareness, Appreciation, Acceptance, Acknowledgment, and Allowance.


When it comes to the benefits you can expect to gain from our individualized spiritual counseling, we have to point out the following:


  • Access to your inner wisdom and intuition
  • Better perspectives on addiction-related issues
  • Better understanding of your negative behaviors
  • Ability to address your addiction problems from a completely different angle
  • Positive energetic techniques necessary for establishing deeper relationships and connections
  • Proposing new ways of transforming your feelings of fear and despair into positive thoughts


As you can see, spiritual counseling is an invaluable piece of our unique treatment structure, which will make sure you become happy, whole, and most importantly healthy again.


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