Yoga Therapy

Years of alcohol and/or drug abuse leave you inevitably with a huge bag full of health problems. You’ve spent years living an unhealthy lifestyle, characterized by a lack of exercise, constant exposure to harmful toxins, and poor nutrition. Now, you have to eliminate all addiction-related consequences with the help of beneficial outdoor and indoor exercise programs.

One of your most trusted allies in fighting the “legacy” of alcohol and/or drug abuse is – yoga. This extremely helpful holistic addiction treatment has proven itself to be effective in reversing the negative impacts of addiction on your health. In addition, when this addiction treatment method is combined with physical training or nutrition counseling, then the positive effects of your rehab process are significantly amplified. Thanks to yoga, you can stretch your body’s soft tissue and muscles, which is essential for the release of lactic acids that tend to build up and lead to the feeling of pain and fatigue.

After a few initial yoga sessions, you will feel and look much better. You’ll be overwhelmed with positive senses of fluidity and ease. And, that’s only the beginning.

Addiction Treatment and Yoga

Yoga can help you improve your core strength and flexibility. In addition, you will do a lot for your better posture, deep breathing, lung capacity, and many other health-related benefits. As soon as you are in control of your mindful and deep breathing, you will be able to stimulate the relaxation response. This is of crucial importance for dealing with your addiction problems, because anxiety is directly associated with tension and feelings of unease that trigger alcohol and/or drug abuse.

Yoga also stimulates the release of endorphins that are associated with the “feel good” sensations in our body. You will feel less stressed, with improved concentration, and much better mood. As such, yoga is a part of our holistic addiction treatment that is supposed to heal not only your spirit and mind, but also your body, as well.

In addition, yoga can help you lower your blood pressure and slow the heart rate. In some cases, yoga can be quite effective against arthritis, asthma, and back pains. Finally, the best thing about yoga is that you’re never too old or too “tight” to practice it.

We can show you the way to an addiction-free life of restored health and optimism. Call us at (888) 546-4821 and let’s begin with your treatment as soon as possible.